RCA Registration and Virtual Tour
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Welcome to the RCA Registration and Virtual Tour for 2022-23 School Year!

Watch the full length virtual tour video here...OR 

...if you're short on time, use the links below to jump to specific pathways:

Frequently Asked Questions: Click Here
Aerospace (with Drones) - Click Here
Audio, Video and Film - Click Here
Automotive - Click Here
Construction -Click Here

Culinary - Click Here
Cybersecurity - Click Here
Early Childhood Education - Click Here
Fashion Marketing - Click Here
Graphic Design -  Click Here
Interior Design - Click Here
Healthcare - Click Here
Law Enforcement and Criminal Investigation - Click Here
Manufacturing / Engineering - Click Here
Sports Marketing - Click Here
Teaching as a Profession - Click Here
Welding - Click Here
Work Based Learning - Click Here
Workplace Spanish - Click Here
Veterinary Science - Click Here

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