The RCA Way

Rockdale Career Academy is proud to use a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) that we call the RCA Way. The following is information about our current RCA Way initiative. 

PBIS matrix. Row categories are "Respectful" "Career-Ready" "Accountable". Column categories are "School-Wide" "Hallway" "Lunchroom" "Classroom" "Media Center". Respectful row: School Wide - Follow directions from adults and school leaders immediately. Use appropriate language, volume, and tone. Be alert and aware of surroundings. Respect personal space. Hallway - Headphones one in one out. Talk in a low volume using appropriate language. Look where you are going. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Lunchroom - Clean up after yourself. Use appropriate language. Keep your place in line. Classroom - Follow teacher directions. Speak in a respectful tone. Use appropriate language. Be prepared. Media Center - Follow media center procedures. Talk in a low appropriate volume. Keep a focused work environment for everyone. Career-Ready category: School Wide - Show decorum at all times in school and during school functions. Be in the correct location. Follow dress code. Observe rules of safety. Hallway - Pick up trash. Move promptly to desintation. Remove hats/hoods/head scarves. Lunchroom - Put trash in garbage. Stay in lunchroom for entire period. Keep food/drink in designated areas. Classroom - Model required behavior pathways. Be considerate of others. Use equipment and materials properly. Complete and submit work by deadline. Media Center -Return items to designated location. Use materials/items with care. Share space, seating, tables or equipment. Accountable: School-wide - Comply with directions immediately. Accept corrections without debate. Follow cell phone / laptop procedures. Hallway - Go directly to approved destination only. Have pass. Keep entryways, aisles, or traffic areas clear. Lunchroom - Return from lunch on time. Stack/Return trays on cart. Have pass or permission to leave lunchroom. Classroom - Actively participate in learning/class. Use time and resources productively. Choose actions that results in positive consequences. Media Center - Stay on task. Use time and resources productively. Return checked out items by due date.

Helpful Documents

The RCA Way Presentation (PDF)  (PowerPoint)
Behavior Definitions