Course Overview: Interiors, Fashion and Textiles (IFT)

The Interiors, Fashion, and Textiles pathway is a three-year program that allows students to explore their creativity and develop industry standard skills. Throughout their time in the program, students will learn many skills including how to redesign rooms, use sewing machines to create basic sewing projects, and how to develop and design fabrics for both interior design and fashion applications. This is a project-based program that challenges students to problem solve and take risks. Students have several field trip opportunities and are encouraged to take their skills to the next level by competing in an FCCLA Competition. Students who finish the program as a junior are encouraged to apply to be a Threads Intern for their 4th year.

                                              Living Room Eclectic Interior Design | Lynn Friedman | Flickr
Foundations of Interior Design (IFT Year 1)

Foundations of Interior Design is the first year of the IFT Pathway at RCA. This course covers a variety of topics related to Interior Design, including the principles and elements of design, color theory, space planning, furniture and finishes selections, hand drawn and digital floorplans, and more! Throughout this course students are challenged to creatively show their skills and content knowledge. Some favorite projects include the 3D Mood Room Project, the DIY Home Decor Project, and The Studio Apartment Project. Each of these projects require students to get hands on with the content and connect what they are learning with the real world.