Board of Directors

Chairman: Dr. Laurent Dittman - GSU at Perimeter
Vice Chairman: Marty Jones - Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Council
Treasurer: Sherry Lowery - GPTC
Secretary: Kristin Corkhill - GPTC Dual Enrollment

At-large Business and Community Representatives

Monica Crafts- Parent
Dionne Johnigan - RCPS CTAE Director
Eric Levett - Rockdale County Sheriff
Katy Zahradnik - Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce
Felicia Demps - Point University Dual Enrollment
Gina Hartsell - Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce / Film Rockdale
Jesse Mashburn - Great Southern Wood Preservation
Steve Dyar - Bosch / Kliklok Woodman
Gail Carrouth - Conyers Animal Hospital
Corey Hambrick - Rockdale County Board of Commissioners / Rockdale County Government
Laura Sistrunk - Piedmont Rockdale Hospital
Mark Kennedy - Dover Food Retail
Cathy Smiley - RCPS Human Resources